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 Baby Zeppelin  in Puerto Rico compliments of @darlenenerys The bellies!  Looking sharp 🦌 #bambijaws thanks Sara! @psetlopez
 What a great year! We got a house and a dog!  Here’s to 2018 being even better. Love you Zepster! BTW, we posted only 3 times sans Zeppelin this year and they all made it in here somehow 🤔 #weird #loveandhappiness #happynewyear  #2017bestnine  Happy 8 months to this little beastie boy!  Can’t believe you’ve been with us so long. Seems like two days and forever at the same time. Zeppelin got into some bacon grease yesterday and has a difficult 24 hours but he’s in tip top shape for his 8 month life-a-versary. Love you buddy! #leaveitalone 🥓
 We took the baby boy to doggie day care today for an evaluation and he passed! It was hard on all of us but we got through it, mostly because we watched him on their webcam all through lunch. Thanks @barkzonedoggiedaycare for taking such great care of our boy, we’ll see you again soon! Now it’s time for puppy slumber after romping around all day with other puppers.   Zeppelin got to romp around with Uncle Hank tonight. Now they are both outsky. #sleepytime