LUHAD Unleashed

2.2.16 by

I constantly see people walking around Portland with their dogs off leash and I wonder to myself, “Do they care about their dog at all?” It’s one thing to let your dog off leash in a confined open area like a large dog park or vast acreage far from traffic but on Hawthorne? Really people? I think that some of these people... Read More

Dogs of Interest – Balto

1.26.16 by

Next on #DOI is Balto, the incredible and brave black and white Siberian Husky who led his team of sled dogs through the last leg of the Iditarod trail to help the people of Nome, Alaska in 1925. Nome is a small town in Alaska that found themselves in desperate need of help during an outbreak of diphtheria in 1925. The town... Read More

Dog Stars / 25: Spuds MacKenzie

LUHAD Spuds Mackenzie
11.20.15 by

I was a little too young to really remember Spuds MacKenzie but it feels like I always knew him. Actually him was a her, Spuds MacKenzie’s real name was Honey Tree Evil Eye and was from Malvern, PA. I really like the Spuds Mackenzie ads and they really remind me of the 80’s, I wish they still created ads like these today.... Read More

Dogs of the White House – Millie

11.17.15 by

Next on #DOTWH is Millie, former president George H.W. Bush’s Springer Spaniel and her puppies. Millie was one of the most famous Dogs of the White House, she even had her own book that reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller nonfiction list called “Millie’s Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush”. If Millie were alive today, you know she would have... Read More

Dog Stars / 24: Snoopy

11.6.15 by

The Peanuts movie comes out today and, like most people, I love Snoopy. I grew up with the Peanuts gang and always had a particular fondness for Snoopy. Charlie Brown was kind of a bummer but his dog Snoopy always could be relied on for some comic relief. It seemed like every Christmas growing up, at some point “A Charlie Brown Christmas”... Read More

Dog Stars / 23: Frankenweenie

10.30.15 by ,

Frankenweenie is a really sweet stop-motion animated film by Tim Burton released in 2012. I hadn’t seen Frankenweenie until a few days ago and I really enjoyed it. It’s obviously a parody of the classic Frankenstein but it didn’t really feel that way. The story was well done and I found myself caring for the characters especially the dog Sparky, who met... Read More

Dogs of the White House – Rob Roy

10.27.15 by

Next on #DOTWH is Rob Roy, former president Calvin Coolidge’s white collie getting frisky with the first lady. Calvin Coolidge loved Rob Roy so much that he wrote this in his autobiography: “He was a stately companion of great courage and fidelity. He loved to bark from the second-story windows and around the South Grounds. Nights he remained in my room and... Read More

Dog Stars / 22: Silence of the Lambs – Precious

10.23.15 by

Halloween is approaching and we wanted to feature some dog stars from some seriously scary movies. Here we have Precious from Silence of the Lambs, the beloved Bishon Frise of serial killer Buffalo Bill. Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite movies of all time, the amount of memorable quotes is ridiculous. That little dog maybe a little creepy but... Read More

Dogs of the White House – Spot

10.20.15 by

Next on #DOTWH is Spot “Spotty” Fletcher, former president George W. Bush’s English Springer Spaniel. Named after former baseball player Scott Fletcher, Spot also had a soft spot for balls. Even though Spot was named after a male athlete, Spot was actually a girl. She was the daughter of Millie, George H.W. Bush’s Springer Spaniel, and is the only pet to live... Read More