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Our Mission

Welcome to Let Us Have a Dog! We are Sam and Tori, an apartment-dwelling, dog-loving couple looking to bring a puppy into our family, while also spreading the word about Equal Housing for Dogs. We’ve been trying to own a dog for a year now, but to no avail, as our landlord refuses to allow pets of any kind. Sounds familiar, right? We believe this to be an injustice, as there are too many dog-discriminating rental properties in Portland, while sadly the majority of dogs in PDX are hulled up in shelters. This problem would improve drastically if landlords were more accepting of man’s best friend and would grant responsible renters the freedom to cuddle up with a pup of their own. Portland is one of the most Fido-friendly cities in the country! As a community, let’s start backing up that title with Equal Housing for Dogs. If you’re in the same boat as us or just love dogs and want to be a part of this dog-adoring cause, sign our petition. You’ll be added to our growing list of dogs’ best friends!